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UtahLocalTV consists of crowdsourced, grassroots videos contributed by Utahns on Youtube. It can be about anything or anyone in Utah. It's your voice, your viewpoint. All you need to do to be a part is share a Youtube video on your UtahLocal profile and tag it utahlocaltv. It's that easy. You can also tweet news about your videos and other things as #utahlocaltv on Twitter, Facebook, instagram and elsewhere.

We have a UtahLocal Interest Group where you can share ideas, tips and to discuss topics and everything else. Let's make it interesting. Let's have some fun! 


Category: Comedy
Duration: 00:03:11
Category: Entertainment
Duration: 00:09:19
Good evening you guys! Here's footage from my Utah Hiking Trip! Enjoy!!!
Category: People
Duration: 00:00:19
UtahLocal.net created Share a Utah Smile a couple years ago and it was a lot of fun. Here's a shot at Alex and Ani in Salt Lake City. We bring this up as our friends at Brown Floral are giving 10% off Mother's Day flowers with the coupon code FACEBOOK.

See them at 2233 East Murray-Holladay Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah,

Or call 801-278-4800.

Or visit http://brownfloral.net .
Category: Travel
Duration: 00:12:09
Winter's last great act of defiance.
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